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Control Temp | Vision Statement - Control Temp
Heating & Air Conditioning

Control Temp | Vision Statement

To be a company that honors God through Respectful, Honest, High-Quality and Friendly service to the community.

– We honor God because He is our ultimate Master and the Bible teaches us to serve Him first and then others around us. The purpose of man is to bring glory to God in everything he does.

– We also bring honor to God by the way we interact with other people. Respectful service to the community is first of all, obedience to God, and secondly, a represenation of our integrity as a company that provides heating and air conditioning service. Our goal is to provide each customer with the satification of a job completed in a timely manner with professional craftsmanship. Customers are to be treated politely and with respect. Their opinions and ideas are to be considered and every effort made to satifsy them.

– Honest with the customer means that we will be truthful to customers in a number of different areas:

• We will do what we say we would do

• We will change out only parts and equipment that need to be changed

• We will admit when we are wrong

• We will be upfront with our intensions

• We will do our best to sell only what is desired without deceptively pushing for more

• We will tell the customers when their ideas are not the most desired or feasible and present a reasonable alternative.

– Quality of work is a top priority and will be a reflection of Control Temp for years to come. Our goal is to provide exceptional craftsmanship along with innovative ideas that provide efficient and dependabl heating and air conditioning service and installations.

– We will be friendly and pleasant while workin on the customer’s property. Use of offensive language, gestures, actions or anything else that is inappropriate will not be tolerated. Our goal is to make our intrusion into their home as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Every effort is to be made in regards to protecting the property of the customer. Drop cloths are to be used to keep floors clean and free from stains. Articles that are hung on the wall in the vicinity of our work are to be removed and stored in a safe place and replaced when the work is completed. Shoe coverings are to be available to keep from tracking dirt around the house. Control Temp employees are to remain in work areas only – no wandering around, exploring, snooping, or any other action that may be considered an invasion of privacy.

Contact Us

Control Temp

513 East Stuart Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone: 909-793-8014

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