About Us


Quality Work, Respectful Service & Integrity

QUALITY WORK  is important to us!  We want our work to be a reflection of Control Temp for years to come! Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional craftsmanship and innovative ideas to meet your heating and cooling needs. 

RESPECTFUL SERVICE: We promise to be friendly and pleasant while working on your property. Use of offensive language, gestures, or actions by our crew will not be tolerated. Our goal is to make our customer interaction as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. We’ll also respect your home. Drop clothes will be used to keep your floors clean and free from stains. Shoe coverings are to be available to keep from tracking dirt around the house. Control Temp employees are to remain in work areas only – no wandering around, exploring, snooping, or any other action that may be considered an invasion of privacy.

INTEGRITY Control Temp strives to be a company of integrity. No one on our team receives a sales commission.  In doing so we can confidently makes these promises: 

  • We’ll only change out parts and equipment that we feel are necessary.  
  • We’ll admit it when we make mistakes and work with our customers to find a solution. 
  • We’ll be upfront with our intentions and prices.  
  • We’ll keep our prices fair and consistent. Inflation is a reality, but we won’t charge more in the summer months than we do in the winter or raise our prices in order to offer “discounts.”  
  • We’ll make the most feasible and cost-effective recommendations for your comfort needs.